top songs from the Billboard 100

The top ten number one songs from each decade on the Billboard 100.

kat true

Tidy Tuesday (Week 38) Top 1s from the Billboard 100:


I took a break from hobby data viz for a while, but feel I came back stronger than ever! This project was my first foray back into regular posting. The dataset was from Tom Mock’s Tidy Tuesday repo. It consisted of songs from the Billboard 100 and metrics from the Spotify API. There were a lot of data to pick from. I decided to look at the top 10 number 1 songs from each decade.

Of note - “older” songs did not hold the number 1 spot as long as more recent songs. I’m guessing the standards for classification changed at some point, thus affecting standing patterns.

I tried doing something different with the legend this time (i.e., the orientation) and even included some background information on the plot itself. I also employed Joey Stanley’s futurevisions package, using the atomic_clock palette.

Thanks for looking!